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Sergeant Kenny Ford gets on all fours and orders Wolff to feed a large dildo into his demanding hole. Wolff takes care of his Sgt.’s hole from behind till Ford gets up on his haunches and rides the dildo up and down on prime of a desk in front of the young pup, who whips Ford’s sleek ass together with his hand. Once Ford’s hole is sufficiently opened, Wolff takes matters into his own hands, grabbing his superior’s posterior and forcing his fist within.

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Sadomasoquismo gay fisting

Ashley and Caedon enter the dungeon, and immediately get into a hardcore understand session. Ashley asks for him to travel deeper before he hands Caedon gloves and lube signaling that he needs far more. Caedon gets right to figure fingers, then hands and then fists and wrists every deeper and with additional happy grunts and groans from Ashley. whereas Caedons totally within him, he flips to any or all fours permitting Caedon to drive even deeper, sliding one hand in when the opposite and inflicting this greedy boy to open his cavernous hole even wider.

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Caedon Chase, the ripped tattooed piggy wearing his red jock, is on all fours ready and eager in the dark pleasure dungeon. The striking master Michael Brandon clad in a jock and cup gets right into the action by slipping his soaking hand into Caedon. Skillfully pleasing his stud puppet with constant strokes, Michael twists and punches as his boy pushes back wanting more. Caedon stands providing Michael with an eye level view of his hairy ass, and serves the stud with quick, rapid-fire mini punches that hit Caedon’s target causing him to let out loud approving moans. On his back and holding his combat boots in the air, Caedon thanks Michael with a perfect view of his gaping hole.

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