Extreme fisting gay

Caedon Chase, the ripped tattooed piggy wearing his red jock, is on all fours ready and eager in the dark pleasure dungeon. The striking master Michael Brandon clad in a jock and cup gets right into the action by slipping his soaking hand into Caedon. Skillfully pleasing his stud puppet with constant strokes, Michael twists and punches as his boy pushes back wanting more. Caedon stands providing Michael with an eye level view of his hairy ass, and serves the stud with quick, rapid-fire mini punches that hit Caedon’s target causing him to let out loud approving moans. On his back and holding his combat boots in the air, Caedon thanks Michael with a perfect view of his gaping hole.

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Tasty round ass for extreme gay fisting

Nick Piston has Billy Cochran right where he desires him – along with his tasty spherical ass prepared for a few hot tongue action. Once free from the stockade, Cochran swaps deep-throat blowjobs with Piston. Nick takes management, throws Cochran on his back, shoves his fat cock deep within Cochran’s throbbing hole and grabs a close-by candle to drip hot wax everywhere Cochran’s chest, nipples and muscled abdomen. Piston probes and primes Cochran’s hole for a fat dildo, followed by a fat fire-plug dildo and his gloved, lubed fists. Soon each men shoot various cum, followed by a hot golden shower from Piston everywhere Cochran’s sweaty, cum-splattered body.

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Barebacking jock

Sitting in a bar stool wearing only a jock, Chuck Deep shows his off his young sexy bod. Amerifist walks over to the boy and immediately started touching Chuck’s willing hungry ass, inspecting Chuck’s hot pink hole. Amerifist slides his thick finger into Chuck and kisses him hard. Chuck begins his own inspection when he pushes Amerifist back, drops to his knees and pulls Amerifist big thick cock out of his pants. In no time, Chuck has a cock lodged in his throat! Amerifist isn’t going to give up control of his hot boy that easily, and he establishes his role as dominator by jamming his finger down the willing throat and shoving the slobbery finger into Chuck’s ass. Shortly after, Amerifist spanks Chuck into submission – and submit he does – with a hard dick in his ass! Amerifist climbs up on the bar, lays on his back and lets Chuck do all the work, knowing that this was just an appetizer. The main course is not far off, because Chuck has been prepared. Assuming the position, this boy puts his loosened hole on display. The butt is begging for Amerifist and he answers with four fingers. Adding a little more lube, Amerifist treats the boy to his XL fist! Amerifist continues to work this mammoth hole, hammering into Chuck past his wrist to test the boys limits. Increasing his pace he begins to alternate hands back working his ass like a merciless fisting machine.

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